When recreating a persona from a specific time and place in history, you might want to have props adequate to your status. A whole representative set, or a jug with a specific pattern, or a plate with a special coat of arms. A mug that everyone will recognize as yours. You might need a personalized gift for a special friend...

I offer advice on designs suitable for a particular time and period. In the bisqueware section, you can see which shapes are currently available.

Do you want a different shape? 
Get in touch and let's see if it can be done. Sometimes it is not possible, but sometimes I get lucky with providing shapes.

If you do not feel like explaining in an email, you can book a free Zoom consultation (15-30 minutes)

Depending on the complexity of your request, the realization might take from a few weeks to a few months. I have the shapes custom-made by a highly skilled potter or buy items made from molds - depending on the desired result. Generally, when bisque is made to order, the whole process takes longer.