Life on a Plate is an offline exhibition at my favourite local café. The plates shown are mostly based on the style and technology of maiolica but with various twists. If you are interested in buying any of these, send me an email.

Flower of Life I

diameter 34.5 cm, maiolica

The flower of life is one of the patterns of sacred geometry. It can be found across cultures and is a universal symbol of energy, life and connection. I loved it even before I knew it meant anything. I believe I was not the only kid at school who played with their compass adding more and more circles to create flowers. 

Price: EUR 500 / CZK 12500
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Flower of Life II

diameter 29 cm, maiolica

A variation on the flower of life, this time, with lotuses.

Price: EUR 190 / CZK 4800 / sold

The Sun and The Moon

diameter 44 cm, porcelain

The day and night, yin and yang. The oldest piece of this collection and also the only one painted on porcelain. It was created at the Symposium of Underglaze Painting in Cobalt at the porcelain factory in Dubí in 2018. The pattern is inspired by 16th-century Italian maiolica.

Price: EUR 990 / CZK 25000
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diameter 34.5 cm, maiolica

Two hands, two women, two healers. Both of the name Jana. They haven't met in person (yet), but I believe they should.

Price: EUR 500 / CZK 12500 / sold

Memento Mori 2021

diameter 31 cm, maiolica

Remember Death - a subject frequently seen in etchings and paintings of the 17th century. In this past year I worked on a large translation project on ossuaries and somehow the subject seeped through onto a plate.

Price: EUR 250 / CZK 6500
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Tiny Bubbles

diameter 31 cm, maiolica with gold

Allegedly, champagne was invented by mistake. In a way, this plate was a mistake too. It is inspired by a plate from the museum in Faenza, nevertheless, the layer of glaze was too thick in places and after firing had bubbles in it. I decided to decorate them  with gold because our imperfections make us unique and we need to either work on improving them or accept them. 

Price: EUR 250 / CZK 6500
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diameter 34.5 cm, maiolica with gold

Křtiny, in Czech means christening. However, it is also the name of a village in Moravia with a long-forgotten and rediscovered ossuary. I imagine the secret entrance being hidden by shrubbery. Inside it, there are painted skulls. What the symbol means remains a mystery.

Price: EUR 500 / CZK 12500
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Windmills - Old and New

diameter 29 cm, maiolica

If you have ever visited the Netherlands you must have come across their blue and white delftware with windmills. Ever since I saw the wind plants in combination with windmills I felt an urge to put it on a plate. So here it is.

Price: EUR 190 / CZK 4800

Ornatus Mundi

diameter 29 cm, mixed technique

Ever since I read Adolf Loos' essay "Ornament and Crime" I've been haunted by this question: "Does my love of ornament make me a criminal then?" His idea was revolutionary at the time when he wrote it and his arguments proved valid in many aspects, but still, I feel more aligned with the idea of "Ornatus mundi". It's a term from renaissance theology implying that the creation of plant and animal species was an act of decoration. I love it. Thank you Stephen Earp for pointing it out to me.

Price: EUR 200 / CZK 5200
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Tree of Life I

diameter 31 cm, mixed technique with lustre

The tree of life is a popular symbol that I often get asked for in henna. Here, it is painted in Hispano-Moresque style with cobalt blue and lustre. The birds were added following a suggestion from Martin M. and I must say it was a great one.

Price: EUR 400 / CZK 10000 / sold

Tree of Life II

diameter 35 cm, maiolica

A second take on the tree of life, this time as a fusion of Celtic design and a style of Faenza maiolica referred to as "a ricamo", meaning embroidery-like.

Price: EUR 500 / CZK 12500
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From Český Krumlov

diameter 35.5 cm, maiolica

This summer I spent a week in Český Krumlov at a Baroque dance workshop. The lessons were at the castle, opposite the New Burgrave's House which has a beautiful painted facade. The plate is inspired by it.

Price: EUR 600 / CZK 15000 / sold

Marine Fantasy

diameter 31 cm, mixed technique

I love the sea and at the same time I am a bit scared of it. I have never sailed on the ship La Grace, but I love following its voyages and know quite a few people who have sailed on it. I am also fascinated by all the mythological creatures you see on Delft tiles and plates and on old maps. 

Price: EUR 250 / CZK 6500 / sold