About me

I am a maiolica artist from Prague, Czechia. Being also a historical reenactor, I am committed to an authentic interpretation of history. What used to be a hobby has become my passion. By constantly learning more about the history of the art as well as improving my technical skills I do my best to recreate authentic-looking pieces that can be personalized to my customers' needs.  

Painting is only one step in the production of maiolica. I am happy that I can collaborate with Magdaléna Brožová, who is a highly skilled thrower and who makes most of the shapes requested by my customers. Also, when travelling to Italy, I always try to stock up on bisqueware, because many of the traditional shapes can still be found there.

Milestones on my Ceramic Journey

2021 - another trip to Italy, seeing ceramics collections in Gubbio, Perugia and Urbania (Casteldurante)
- a private consutation with Nicola Boccini in Deruta (on white on white and some technical issues)

- exhibition Life on a Plate at Café Spirit in Prague

2020 - bought my own electric kiln, before that, I had to have my works fired by other workshops

- visit to the Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche a Faenza, Italy

2019 - selling at Slag om Grolle, Netherlands
- visits to the Keramiek Museum Princessehof and the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands

- visit to Museo della Ceramica di Montelupo Fiorentino, Italy

- rented a room for my studio (no more pigments and glaze in the living room!)

2018 - Symposium of undeglaze painting with cobalt on porcelain in Dubí, Czechia
- vendor at Palmanova, Italy

2017 - Slag om Grolle, the Pottery Paintress introduces herself

2016 - One day maiolica course at the Scuola d'Arte Ceramica Romano Ranieri Deruta. This was a breakthrough for me. I finally got an idea on how maiolica was painted the "proper" way! 
- visits to Italian ceramics museums - Pesaro, Gubbio, Deruta

2015 - Started cooperation with Podbrdská keramika as a stoneware painter
 - visited the Royal Delft and took a workshop there only to find out that modern delftware is painted underglaze!

- Slag om Grolle, still only visiting

2012 - 2015 experiments with paints, glazes, methods, intense learning, changes in personal life

2012 - This is when my interest in ceramics started. I was helping out with a festival of historical cookery. Tableware was needed for the feast but the budget was restricted and we ended up painting sets of Ikea plates and bowls with hobby paints. That year, I also visited Slag om Grolle in the Netherlands for the first time and an ambitious idea came to my head - I wanted to become a vendor at the event.

I have a background in textile design (Technical University in Liberec), but I also work as an English language teacher and translator (I lived and studied for almost five years in Malta).  I am also a henna artist. I make my own historical outfits and I am passionate about historical dance - old English Country Dances, 19th century dance, and Indian kathak dance. 

Slag om Grolle, 2017. Photo: Páv Lučištník.

With Nicola Boccini - tutor, the finished plate, and my son at the Scuola d'Arte Ceramica Romano Ranieri Deruta. 2016.

Šelmberk, 2012. Photo by Páv Lučištník 
(more pictures of the event in the link above...
and please ignore the outfit, I know better now).